Your Pharmacy Vaccine Management System

Appointment-Based Vaccination Services

  • Appointment-Based Vaccination Services. Patients register online or on-site via your digital kiosk.
  • Electronic intake and patient consent forms minimize administrative work
  • Digitally share patient vaccination records with local providers to coordinate care
  • Easily identify your patients’ eligibility for immunizations to minimize patient costs
  • Submit vaccination activities to state registries with one-click

Expand Your Vaccination Business

Travel Vaccines

Preparing for College

Seniors (65+)


Vaccine inventory forecasting saves you money

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Efficient, patient-guided, on-site kiosk tool for in-pharmacy registration

Enhance vaccination awareness through digital communication tools

Create additional revenue streams with our on-location vaccine clinic technology

Contract with local businesses to provide on-location vaccine clinics

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  • Patients fill out their personal Vaccine history and share it with you digitally
  • All the vaccination information you need right at your fingertips.
    No more time-consuming guesswork