Your Community's Vaccine Management System

  • Online scheduling for vaccinations. Digital Check-in and registration for vaccinations. No paperwork.

Now you can offer online scheduling

  • Extensive vaccination information available for both you and your community
  • Upload community vaccination and contact information for distribution of promotional and educational materials
  • Schedule in-office vaccination visits for your community
  • View and update digital immunization records for every individual
  • Reduce over vaccinations by collaborating with other providers

Vaccine inventory forecasting saves you money

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Digitally share vaccination records with state registries

Manage inventory more efficiently through scheduled vaccination appointments, and always have the vaccinations you need on-hand.

Track community immunization history more accurately with provider validation options

Provide every age-group with the vaccines they need with automated immunization reminders.

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  • Patients fill out their personal Vaccine history and digitally share it with you
  • All the vaccination information you need right at your fingertips.
    No more time-consuming guesswork.