Vaxigo is an innovative Vaccination Management System leveraging self-service applications to transform the delivery of vaccines for both patients and providers. Most importantly, Vaxigo empowers patients to take charge of their immunization records with a Personal Vaccination Portal. Patients can build, keep, and share their personal vaccination record in a secure platform.

Vaxigo delivers an interoperable solution for patients, physicians, pharmacists, and nurses to digitally collaborate. This aids in the reduction of over-vaccinations      and helps reduce vaccine-preventable diseases. This enables healthcare organizations to more effectively deploy their staff, improve inventory management, and deliver world-class patient experiences.

“Vaxigo enables patients to combine all of their immunization information from different sources into a real-time, consolidated and shareable digital record,” said     Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting, founder and CEO. “Patients control which healthcare professionals, schools, family members, and employers have access to their Personal Vaccination Portal.”

Vaxigo™ is a product from AZOVA Inc.’s Healthcare Commerce Cloud™.
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